5 Yoga Poses for a Strong and Flexible Body

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One aspect of fitness that is often overlooked as you get very consumed with your fat burning workouts is flexibility.  Having a good degree of range of motion is important because not only will it help prevent injury from your hard workout sessions, but it will also help you move through a greater range of motion with every exercise you perform, which then translates into far better results for you.

Here are five great yoga poses that you may want to consider trying out.

Bent Knee Trunk Flexion

This pose is an excellent way to stretch out the lower back muscles as well as the groin region.  To perform it, simply sit down on a mat with the knees slightly bent so the feet are touching each other.

From there, bend forward at the waist bringing the hands to the feet while you adopt a slight curve in the back.  Lower the head downwards and feel the stretch throughout the entire back.

Hold this for at least thirty seconds before releasing.

Bow Pose

The next pose is one that will both improve your flexibility while also targeting your agility.  The back, shoulders, and hip flexors will all be stretched out when performing this one, so it’s great for anyone who’s fairly tight.

To perform it, get stomach-down on a mat so that you’re comfortable. From there reach back and upwards with the arms while bending at the knees so you raise the heels up towards you.

Grab a hold of the ankles with the hands and hold this U position for as long as you can while balancing.

Bridge Pose

The third of our yoga poses for a strong and flexible body that you should add to your fat burning workouts is the bridge pose.  This one is an excellent way to strength the glute and hamstrings as well, so will be excellent as part of your lower body workout program.

To perform it, simply lie flat on the floor with the arms by your sides and the legs extended.

From there, bend the knees so feet are placed firmly in the floor and then pressing through the feet, lift the hips up off the ground.

Hold this position for up to a minute and then lower to complete the rep.

Cat Pose

If you notice that you’ve had quite a stiff back lately, the cat pose will be the one to complete.  For this you simply want to get down on your hands and knees on the mat and then arch your back up as if you were a cat.

Try and think of getting the middle of your spine to touch the ceiling while going about this movement to see maximum benefits.

Cobbler Pose

Finally, the last of our yoga poses for a strong and flexible body is the cobbler pose.  This one primarily targets the groin and hip flexor muscles, so it’s great for runners or anyone who does a lot of repetitive movements.

For the cobbler pose, simply get into a sitting position and then spread your knees out to the sides, bringing the feet into the body as close as possible while touching.

Place your hands on your feet and slowly press the knees down towards the floor. Hold this position for as long as possible before rising up once again.

So there you have some of the best yoga positions for a strong and flexible body. If you want to get the most from your workouts start adding them in.

=> What’s your favorite yoga position?

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