Workout Routine For Women To Lose Weight

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dumbbellsIf you’re on the hunt for a workout routine for women to lose weight, it’s important that you consider all the different types of exercises out there and then choose the ones that are going to be best suited to you.

While it’s definitely true that some forms of exercise do tend to create the best fat burning workouts, at the same time it’s also important that you do enjoy the workout as well.  This ensures that you’ll keep coming back to it day after day, putting in all the effort that’s required in order to see results.

Let’s have a look at a few of the main types of exercises that you can include in your workout routine for women to lose weight so you can decide on your own fat burning workouts.

Interval Cardio Training

The first type of exercise to consider adding is interval cardio training.  This form will really serve to boost up the overall metabolic rate, while also helping to maintain lean muscle mass. One big issue with doing a high volume of steady state cardio training is that it does tend to cause a decline in lean muscle mass over time, which could mean a slower metabolic rate for you.

Since intervals are more anabolic in nature, this means that by including them in your workout program you will keep the muscle tone and definition while you lose weight.  It’s a far superior choice and as an added benefit is also a lot more enjoyable as well.

Heavy Weight Lifting Training

The second type of exercise to consider adding to your fat burning workouts is heavy weight lifting.  Most women make the mistake of shying away from heavy lifting training and this is a really unfortunate thing.

Heavy weight lifting is the form of exercise that’s going to help you develop the most lean muscle mass, so will really promote overall better fat loss down the road.  As you build up your lean muscle tissue, you’re going to find that your metabolic rate speeds up, making it that much easier for fat to come off.

Rest assured that you won’t get very bulky from lifting heavy weights – but you will get lean and defined.

Circuit Style Training

If you are really not into lifting heavier weights, another form of training style that can help you with your weight loss is circuit training.  This will be where you move from one exercise immediately to the next as quickly as possible.

This form of workout will also double as a cardiovascular workout since you’ll be keeping up the faster pace.  Just be sure that you are still challenging yourself with some weight however as that’s still important for overall results.

Try and include a variety of exercises for both the upper and lower body to ensure you’re targeting all the main muscle groups in the body.

Fitness Classes

Finally, if you prefer the group atmosphere setting, you can include some popular fitness classes in your overall workout plan as well.  Kickboxing is increasingly catching on and is a great way to burn fat and boost strength levels.

Any of these cardio-types of classes will replace your cardio workouts in the plan, but still do try and get in your strength training workouts as well.  Performing those at least twice a week is what will make sure you see best results in the long run.

So be sure you’re keeping these points in mind for your workout routine for women to lose weight.  If you can ensure that you are including a variety of different training types you will never be bored and will prevent a weight loss plateau from occurring.

What’s your favorite type of exercise to include in your program?

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