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home gymOne of the best things about creating your own home gym is that you can control what equipment to buy and use. This allows you to tailor you home gym to suit your fitness goals. If you are an experienced exercise, you probably have an idea of the types of equipment you want based on your current routine. But if you’re are new to exercise and have never had a home gym before, there are a few essential pieces of equipment that you will need.

Home Gym Essential

While home gyms give you the option to focus your training in a certain way, with certain equipment, there are some pieces that you will need to buy.

Step or Bench – Great for exercises such as step ups and dips, a step or bench also gives you somewhere to lay to allow full range of movement for chest/bench presses and flies, as well as giving you somewhere to sit.

Skipping rope – Great for building fitness, lower body strength, and balance and coorindation.

Barbell and Dumbbells – Goes without saying that these free weights are an essential part of your training program.

Gym Ball – Gym balls are wonderful for a variety of exercises including using it as a seat or a bench and for making certain exercises easier or harder depending on how you position your self.

Additional Home Gym Equipment

Home gym equipment doesn’t stop with the essentials. There are a multitude of addition accessories you can purchase, depending on space, money and fitness goals.

Cardio Equipment – Cardio equipment is certainly a worthwhile purchase, especially if you will get good use out of it. There are a range of options available from treadmills and bikes to cross-trainers, steppers and rowers. There are even a number of options based on price. The type of equipment you choose will depend on what you prefer to do (e.g. run/walk verses cycling or rowing) and the amount of space you have (a rower or cross-trainer will take up more room than a bike or folding treadmill). If you want to purchase a piece of cardio equipment, its worth shopping around to find the best one for you.

Medicine Balls – These make a great alternative to dumbbells and barbells and give a number of additional options to traditional exercises.

Resistance Bands – A great alternative to free weights, resistance bands are beneficial if you are recovering from an injury or new to resistance training.

Weight stations – The number of weight stations on the market is staggering. As with cardio equipment, its best to shop around to find one with attachments you will use and suits your available space.

Using Your Home Gym

Many people set up a home gym thinking it will increase their time to workout, only to discover they have no more motivation at home then they do to visit the gym. Before setting up your home gym think about how and when you will use it. If you are buying one because your work hours make it difficult to get to the gym or safely exercise outside then a home gym is worthwhile.

Home gyms can make training and working out easier. If you have the right amount of motivation and are committed to a regular training program but find it difficult to regularly get to the gym, then a home gym is definitely worth the investment.

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