Total Body Workouts

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total bodyWith many of us spending long hours at work, finding the time for a total body workout in the gym can be difficult. But what if you could combine a handful of exercises and train your entire body in just three workouts a week?

Why Total Body Workouts?

Total body workouts are a fantastic way to workout because, as the name suggests, your ‘total’ body gets a workout. What many people think of when they think of total body workouts is a long gym session with multiple exercises that work each individual area of the body. While this style of training will certainly give you a total body workout, there is a quicker way to get the same results.

Benefits Of A Total Body Workout

In addition to building strength and definition, the new wave of total body workouts are also a fantastic way to burn fat, increase muscle and fitness and eliminate any weaknesses and/or imbalances you may have. This new wave of workouts combine regular resistance exercises to ‘form’a new exercise which then works several muscle groups at once.  This helps you burn more calories, thereby increasing your fat burning ability.

Exercises For A Total Body Workout

Give these exercises a try to increase your fitness, build muscle and burn fat:

Front Barbell Squat to Shoulder Press – Place the barbell so it rests on the front of your shoulders.  Squat down so your quads are parallel with the floor. As you push up out of the squat, extend the barbell above your head as you would for a shoulder press. Return to the start.

Barbell Straight Leg Deadlift to Deadrow – Hold the barbell with an overhand grip. Bend from your hips and lower into the deadlift position. Remain here as you perform a deadrow, then straighten before repeating.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl with Lunge to Shoulder Press -Start with your hands by your sides, perform a hammer curl as you lunge forward on your right leg. As you step back, push your arms straight up into a shoulder press. Return to the start before repeating on your left leg.

Barbell Jump and Shrug – Hold the barbell with an overhand grip. From a half squat position, jump up, fully extending your legs while shrugging your shoulders at the same time.


As you can see, a few repetitions of these exercises and you will be burning fat and building muscle in no time and enjoying the benefits of a total body workout.

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