Benefits Of Circuit Training

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circuit trainingCircuit training is a great way to improve your fitness, increase strength and burn fat. Circuit training can be done in many different ways from classes at the gym to your living room floor. You can focus on resistance training or cardio training, with or without equipment.

What Is Circuit Training

Circuit training traditionally combines resistance and aerobic exercise. Circuits are generally set up with ‘stations’. Each station has a different exercise to complete. Once you have completed the required number of repetitions (or in the case of aerobic exercises, the required amount of time), you move onto the next station without a break.

Who Can Do Circuit Training?

One of the best things about circuit training is that anyone can do it. From kids and teens to athletes and seniors, circuits can be adapted to suit everyone and every fitness level. Circuit training can also be used for different reasons such as for quick workouts for people short on time, as a body weight workout for people without equipment,  with gentle resistance training for seniors, and as a cardio circuit for those wanting to increase their fitness.

Benefits Of Circuit Training

Circuit training has many benefits. Not only do you get a fantastic workout in a short amount of time (most circuits are completed in 30 minutes) but you will build strength, flexibility, fitness, and co-ordination. Circuit training can take place anywhere, at any time, with or without equipment. You can complete circuits on your own at home or in a group at the gym or even in the park! Circuit training is one of the most versatile workouts around.

Create Your Own Circuit Training Workout At Home

Such is the nature of circuit training that you can create your own circuit at home in your living room or yard. The option is yours as to whether or not you use equipment. To get started select 8-12 exercises you would like to do (e.g. push ups, sit ups, squats, lunges, upright rows, bicep curls, star jumps, skipping, sprints etc). Next, write them done in the order you want to do them (tip: try alternating upper and lower body – push ups then squats for example – or super set opposing muscle groups – biceps and triceps) and decide on the amount of repetitions you will do (e.g. 15), or in the case of cardio exercises, how long you will do them for (e.g. 60 seconds).  Now all you have to do is complete each exercise for the required amount of time or repetitions, moving on to the next exercise as soon as you have finished the one you are doing. Generally, you will need to go through your circuit 2-4 times depending on how long you wish to workout for (20 minutes minimum but normally around 30-40 minutes). Finish with some stretching.

Next time your short on time or you are looking for a change, try creating your own circuit training workout and experience the benefits for yourself.

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