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resistance bandsResistance bands are a wonderful alternative to using free weights, especially if you are recovering from injury or are new to exercise.

What Are Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are long pieces of stretchy tubing or flat material that provide resistance as you stretch them. Many resistance tubes come with handles for easy use and both the resistance bands and resistance tubes can be used in place of traditional free weights.

How Do You Use Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are used in place of free weights and you can do just about any exercise with resistance bands that you would do with a weights machine, cables or free weights. The resistance bands work by providing resistance throughout the whole movement making them ideal for rehabilitation and people wanting to add a new element to their current strength training.

Resistance Bands Workout

Try the following exercises with resistance bands or tubing to see how different, fun and challenging they are to your usual strength training.


Place the middle of the resistance band or tube under your feet  and hold each end at shoulder level (like you would if holding a barbell across your shoulders). Squat as normal.

Static Lunges

Place the band under your front foot with arms in the same position as for squats. Complete the required number of repetitions on one leg before complete on the other leg.

Shoulder Press

Sit on a bench, chair or gym ball with the middle of the band under your butt. Hold the ends of the bands in each hand at shoulder level. Perform the shoulder press as you would if using a barbell or dumbbells.

Modified Lat Pulldown

Sitting on a gym ball or standing, wrap the band around your hands and raise them to chest level with your hands shoulder width apart. Squeeze your shoulder blades together then gently release.

Bicep Curls

You can use resistance bands to perform single arm bicep curls, double bicep curls, hammer curls and concentration curls. The choice is yours. You can also choose between performing them standing with the band under your feet or under your butt while sitting on a gym ball.

Chest Press

This exercise can be performed sitting (similar to seated chest press) or lying on the floor, bench or gym ball (similar to bench press). Place the band behind your back in line with your chest. If sitting, hold your arms at chest level and extend forward, making sure your elbows don’t go past your shoulders as you return. If lying down, raise arms to chest level and push up to the ceiling, again making sure your elbows don’t go past your shoulders.

Single Arm Tricep Extension

Hold the band in one hand, raising it above your head. Allow the band to hang behind your back and grab hold with the other hand. Bend your elevated arm towards your head then slowly extend it up again feeling the resistance of the band or tubing.


As you can see, resistance bands can easily be used in any workout with any exercise. And by combining resistance bands with a gym ball, you have the perfect gym at your fingers tips, at home, in the office or even when on holiday or a business trip.

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