Essential Home Gym Equipment

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home gym A home gym doesn’t need to be big, bulky or expensive. In fact, a good home gym will only set you back a         small amount, yet give you the results you want.

Why A Home Gym

A good home gym allows you to perform the same or similar exercises that you perform at a commercial           gym but in the comfortable of your own home. While there are many home gym machines on the market, it       is not necessary to purchase one of these, especially if space is a problem.

What Equipment Does My Home Gym Need?

There a few pieces of essential equipment that any good home gym needs, which will allow you to replicate many of the exercises you do at the gym. The following pieces of equipment will give many options to form the basis of a great workout routine.

Essential Home Gym Equipment

Use as a platform to lay on, as an aerobic step to warm up or simply to perform step ups. You definitely want a step in your home gym.

Skipping Rope
An excellent way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, the skipping rope is a great aerobic exercise as can be used as part of a circuit. As a high intensity exercise, it’s great for burning fat and calories.

Dumbbells and Barbells
Use to replace most gym machines and perform free weight exercises. Dumbbells and barbells are essential to all workouts, not just the home gym. From bicep curls to a bench press, lunges and squats, there’s little you can’t do with a good set of free weights.

Resistance Bands
An alternative to weights, resistance bands can also be used in place of cable machines for seated rows and cable crossovers etc. You can also use them for exercises such as lat raises and bicep curls.

Gym Ball
A gym staple for many years now, the gym makes a great platform to sit or lay on and is fantastic for any core training and rehabilitation programs. Combine with free weights and resistance bands to enhance your workout.

A non-slip yoga mat is perfect to lie or place under your gym ball while working out.

For less than the cost of a gym membership, you get set up a home gym that can be used anywhere. No matter how much space you have available at home, with the above equipment, you’ll always be able to work out in your own home gym.

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