Fat Burning Workouts for Lazy People

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pull-upsIf you’re like many people looking for a fat burning workout, you’re looking for something fairly quick and easy.  Whether you just don’t have the time to devote to an intense workout program, or you’re just not that interested in putting in a lot of effort in the gym, you want something that requires minimal effort but still produces results.

You might even go as far as calling yourself ‘lazy’ – someone who wants a fat burning workout that doesn’t take much effort.

The thing to remember here is that fat loss will take some effort, but the good news is that by making smart exercise selections, you can come up with an effective way to burn fat without having to devote hours of your life to the gym.

Let’s look at the main points you need to know about fat burning workouts for lazy people.

Choose Compound Exercises

The very first thing to remember if you’re creating a fat burning workout that’s short on time is that you must select compound exercises to perform.  These are movements like squats, push-ups, lunges, step-ups, and pull-ups.  All can easily be completed even at home so you won’t have to go to the gym.

But they will work numerous muscle fibers at once so you get more from each workout session you do.

Keep Those Rest Periods Short and Snappy

Second, you also must make sure that you’re keeping your rest periods on the short side.  This will provide great metabolic benefits so that you can burn more calories later on in the day.

Nothing is better to a lazy person than burning calories while sitting on the couch so make sure that you make use of this principle.  Your rest periods should always stay right around 30-60 seconds total.

Focus On Lifting More Weight

Finally, the last thing that you must do is make sure that you focus on lifting more weight.  Adding more weight to the bar is the most important thing that you should be taking care of with your workout program as it’s the fastest way to progress.

Even if you only do your workouts twice per week, if you can continually lift more weight you will be moving forward.

So keep these quick tips in mind. If you’re lazy that does not mean you can’t get in shape.  All you have to do is find a fast way to complete the workouts so you can get in and get out.

By using these strategies, you’ll be able to do just that!  Do you have any fast workout tips that you can share that you use when you’re feeling lazy?

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